Amy Chan Hyung Kim

Dr. Amy Kim Research in a Minute | FSU College of Education | English | March 7, 2019

Amy Chan Hyung Kim is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sport Management at Florida State University. Dr. Kim’s research interest focuses on promoting sport for health from a social epidemiological perspective at various levels. This line of research is further investigated through the quantitative methods including but not limited to, applied statistics and social network analysis. Her primary research inquiry aims to: (1) examine the effectiveness of sport participation on individual’s social, psychological, and mental health outcomes from a social epidemiological perspective, and (2) develop evidence-based interventions to promote sport participation and participants’ health and well-being.

For her research projects, Dr. Kim has worked with various sport organizations such as Tallahassee Parks, Recreation, & Neighborhood Affairs; United States Tennis Association; and the United States America Pickleball Association.

Dr. Kim earned her doctoral degree and master’s degree from The Ohio State University and her bachelor’s degree from Yonsei University.

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