Moletedi Ntseme

Coffee and Conversation with Moletedi Ntseme and Honorine Rouiller | English | Digital Narratives | November 10, 2020

Why FSU?

FSU has the best MFA program that fits my life’s mission to further develop the art industry in Botswana.

Motivation to pursue a graduate degree

I want to elevate art in Botswana by turning it into a profitable profession in hopes that this career path will help to reduce the rate of unemployment. I came to the United States, and more specifically to FSU, to learn more about commercial theatre and also about how nonprofit arts organization can generate income.

Importance of research and work

While my program of study does not include ongoing research during my final year, I chose to engage in research on how I can turn the passion of art amongst Botswana artists into a profession that supports their living. This research can go on to help develop the art industry in other African countries. Once this research starts rolling, audiences across the world will know, and some may even want to be a part of this movement, “From Passion to Profession.”

Career Aspirations

I would like to become a peripatetic theatre management/arts administration advocate and educator in the continent of Africa.

Advice for prospective graduate students

Graduate school is a pinch of accomplishment, a gallon of “under pressure,” and an ocean of growth.

Accomplishments during graduate school

I am most proud of the internet content that I have created while learning and staying connected remotely during this global pandemic. I have filmed and edited engagement videos online and recently was selected as a finalist for The Graduate School’s Masters in Four Competition, which was great. Check out the video of my work here: link. Most of our views come from Instagram and Facebook.

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