Muhamad Prabu Wibowo

Muhamad Wibowo's experience at FSU (English) | English | Questionnaire | June 14, 2019

Muhamad Wibowo's experience at FSU (Indonesian) | Indonesian | Questionnaire | June 14, 2019

Muhamad Prabu Wibowo is currently a Ph.D. student and a teaching assistant in Information Science, Florida State University (2018 Cohort).

He has interests in areas of Library and Information Science, Data Analytics (Knowledge Discovery from Data), Knowledge Management, Text Mining, Information Literacy, and Digital Library and Electronic Archives. He has published several books and scientific articles and journals in related fields.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) from University of Indonesia (Library and Information Science) in 2008 and Master’s Degree (M.S.) from a joint degree program of both Middle East Technical University (Information Systems) and Blekinge Institute of Technology (Computer Science) in 2014.

He have been involved in some projects related to consultancies, NGOs, private, and governmental projects in Indonesia, related to Library and Archives Management Set Up, Data Analytics, and the development of Information Systems. His latest projects are the development of fisheries prices and fisheries logistics information systems in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Republic of Indonesia and the development of several knowledge management systems and tools in University of Indonesia and IPC University.

He is also active in several community service projects, related to the library and archives and information literacy program for people on how to find, search, and use information effectively, efficiently, and ethically.

B.A. – University of Indonesia, Indonesia – Library and Information Science – 2008
M.S. – Middle East Technical University, Turkey – Information Systems – 2014
M.S. (Joint) – Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden – Computer Science – 2014
Ph.D. Student – Florida State University, US – Information Science – 2018 Cohort

Research Interests:
Information Policy, Information Literacy, Database & multimedia, Digital Library, Electronic Archives, Information Management projects, & Data and Text (Linguistics) Analytics.