Sylvia Bhattacharya

Fall 2018 FSU 3MT Finalist Competition- Sylvia Bhattacharya | English | GEOSET Research Video | March 4, 2019

Sylvia Bhattacharya was born in India (Kolkata) in 1991. She finished her B.S in Biomedical Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology (India). She moved to United State in 2014 to pursue her masters. She finished her masters in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Southern University in 2016 and she is currently a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering department at Florida State University (FSU). She will be graduating in May 2019. Her research expertise is in ‘Development of Artificial Intelligence models for driver distraction detection and lane change prediction’. She has secured grant to support her project from Florida Department of Transportation. She has been selected as Summer Collegiate Mentor by Intel Corporation to advise master students in Florida State University in summer 2019. During her PhD, she mentored several undergraduate and master’s students and she was nominated for the best research mentor award at FSU. She also takes interests in public speaking and she was shortlisted for the final round for Three Minute Thesis Competition in FSU. She won the first prize for thesis presentation competition in April 2019 in FSU Electrical and Computer Science department. Besides research expertise, she has also worked both full time and as an intern in industries namely Siemens Corporation, Gymna Uniphy, BPL Healthcare, Infosys. She takes interest  in outreach activities to motivate more female candidates to pursue engineering.