College of Medicine

According to ABA data for the class of 2015, Florida State is also the #1 law school in Florida in terms of job placement. Preparing graduates to succeed in their careers is the most important thing we do. We also are known for our world class faculty, our successful and friendly student body, and our location in Tallahassee that gives students a wide variety of opportunities to gain legal experience. Our students like their experiences at our law school and the careers we help them launch.

In addition to publishing in top legal journals, our faculty members have clerked for federal judges, worked at prestigious law firms and studied at the nation’s top law schools. They draw upon their varied experiences while teaching, which greatly benefits our students.

Students have access to an extremely broad menu of classroom and clinical experiences. We have especially strong programs in business law, environmental law and international law. Florida State has one of the most extensive clinical externship programs in the United States – placing students in more than 100 offices in Florida and elsewhere. Students also can obtain hands-on legal experience at one of our three “live-client” clinics, the newest of which is our Business Law Clinic. In this clinic, students learn transactional skills and earn academic credit by helping advise entrepreneurs within the Florida State University community.