Andrea Stathopoulos

3MT Competition- Prolactin and Fertility Regulation- Andrea Stathopoulos | English | GEOSET Research Video

Andrea received her PhD in Neuroscience from FSU in 2015. Working in the labs of biologist Dr. Paul Trombley and mathematician Dr. Richard Bertram, her graduate work explored how dopamine, oxytocin, dynorphin, and estrogen are involved in regulating the pulsatile release of prolactin, a pituitary hormone important for lactation and general fertility. While at FSU, Andrea was also an active member of the Graduate Women In Science group and the Neuroscience Graduate Student Association, helping to organize workshops for students and educational outreach in the community. After graduation, Andrea taught psychology at Tallahassee Community College and currently serves as the Visiting Professor of Physiology in the Biology Department at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. Her current research examines how reproductive experience changes cognitive behavior in female rodents.