Benjamin Lougheed

Ben Lougheed - FSU Doctoral Student (Music-String Performance) | English | Digital Narratives | August 29, 2019

Classical Guitarist Benjamin Lougheed has made it his mission to share music with as many people as he can. He believes in the power of music to educate and improve lives as well as its remarkable ability to connect people.

FSU as the Number ONE choice to pursue a graduate degree
Ben is a Classical Guitarist pursuing a PhD in String Performance. He chose FSU because it has one of the best guitar programs and professors in the world, so he felt confident knowing he would successfully progress as a musician. In addition, family is important and being close to extended family was a deciding factor.

Motivation to pursue a graduate degree
Ben has been playing the guitar since he was six years old. “Extremely precise” and “music of dramatic power and lyric beauty” best describe his performances. His passion for the guitar goes far beyond performing; he has taught over 100 students of all ages and levels (4-88) and currently teaches at Music Lessons Express in Tallahassee. His students have consistently earned top marks at various festivals. In addition to his busy life teaching, leading, and studying, Ben still finds time to gig frequently in and around Northern Florida, sharing his music in many environments. He regularly performs at corporate events, weddings, awards ceremonies, and social events.

Advice for anyone considering graduate school
The journey to the doctorate has helped Ben grow personally and professionally. His advice to current graduate students is “Be true to yourself, work as much as you can, and take advantage of every possible opportunity for growth and learning that FSU has to offer.”

Accomplishments during academic career
Ben has been awarded multiple prizes for his skills over the years, such as the Charlie Byrd Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Guitar, the Frank Longay Memorial Scholarship, and multiple grants from the Rislov Foundation. He is also one of the co-founders and artistic directors of the Tallahassee Chapter of Classical Revolution, which has held 30 concerts under his leadership.

Career aspirations
Ben aspires to teach guitar and music entrepreneurship at the university level. He is currently the President of the Classical Guitar Society at FSU and the Director of the Florida Guitar Festival and Competition. He has played in and organized dozens of concerts around Tallahassee.

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