Brad Schmidt

Research In Focus: Addressing Loneliness in Older Adults | English | August 16, 2022

Research Interests

I run a translational research lab focused on the nature, causes, treatment and prevention of anxiety and associated forms of psychopathology including PTSD, substance use, and suicide. I have directed multiple funded projects through the NIH and DoD examining the etiology, treatment and prevention of these conditions. This includes our work on translational micro-interventions designed to target and ameliorate risk factors for psychopathology (e.g., anxiety sensitivity, intolerance of uncertainty, thwarted belongingness/perceived burdensomeness). Moreover, I am the Mentor for a recent K award to Alexandria Meyer that focuses on the development of parenting interventions for anxiety. In sum, we have completed numerous clinical trials including large-scale, multi-site longitudinal research protocols focused on treating vulnerable populations.

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