Michael Kofler

Research in Focus: ADHD Treatment Through Gameplay | English | Digital Narratives | August 22, 2022

Dr. Kofler’s primary research interests center on improving long-term outcomes for children with ADHD. This research follows two interrelated pathways: a) identifying internal and contextual strengths/assets that contribute to resiliency and positive outcomes for some youth with ADHD within a positive youth development framework, and b) understanding neurocognitive factors that contribute to ADHD behavioral symptoms and functional impairments. The long-term goal of these interrelated lines of investigation is to further our understanding of relationship between underlying neurocognitive factors and associated behavioral and functional outcomes, and translating this knowledge into effective, efficacious, and strengths-based interventions for children with ADHD. His recent experimental work suggests that underdevelopment in key components of working memory appear to underlie many of the hallmark features of ADHD, including inattentive behavior, hyperactivity, impulsivity, response variability, social problems, and behavioral disinhibition. He is currently working to translate these findings into a novel, non-pharmacological intervention with the potential for sustained, generalized improvements in functioning across settings.

Current Research

Dr. Kofler is particularly interested in working with students who have a keen desire to learn, are highly motivated, tenacious, wish to specialize in clinical child psychology, possess the ability to excel in quantitative research, and seek academic careers as professionals.

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