Michael Sussman

Why FSU?

I choose FSU for medical school because of the program’s commitment to serving the underserved within our communities.

Motivation to pursue a graduate degree

I believe that I can better serve my community by becoming a physician through FSU’s College of Medicine.

Importance of research and work

The importance of the work I am currently doing is to learn how to become proficient at my future tasks as a medical provider as well as have a thorough understanding of anatomy.

Describe an aspect of your military service that is especially memorable or exceptional

One of the best memories I have was immediately after my deployment, when I first saw my parents upon returning home.

Tell us how your military service provided skills and experiences that you were able to apply to your graduate studies

In the military, I held numerous leadership positions that allowed me to work with a wide variety of people. The leadership experiences gave me perspective and reinforced the necessity to be not only competent in your profession but compassionate to those you lead.

Advice for anyone considering graduate school

Don’t give up.

Career aspirations

My career aspirations are to complete medical school and become an emergency room physician.

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