Sarah Benthem

The Sarah Benthem Show | English | Questionnaire | October 14, 2019

Sarah Benthem is a second-year graduate student, currently pursuing a PhD in neuroscience here at FSU. She is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She earned her BS at the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque, a dual degree in Biology and Psychology. She is currently working on publishing her first paper on Alzheimer’s disease. She researches how memory replay and sleep can impact Alzheimer’s disease using a mouse model. Her research involves in-vivo electrophysiology recordings of what is currently happening in the brain during behavioral tasks and sleep. As she wraps up her first project, she is moving into researching how to potentially rescue some deficits seen early in the development of the disease, which involves using new techniques such as optogenetics. She is the recipient of the Legacy Fellowship, as well as a Neuroscience Fellow. She has presented her research at local and national conferences, including Florida Consortium on the Neurobiology of Cognition and Society for Neuroscience. In addition, she is the Outreach Chair Elect in the Neuroscience Graduate Student Association and helps with outreach events in the community. These events are designed to help kids of all ages learn about the brain and develop a passion for learning and science.