Stephanie Carrejo

GradWorld: Stephanie Carrejo | English | Questionnaire | July 13, 2018

Stephanie is a first generation college student pursuing a Master’s degree in Finance at Florida State University. She is a Colombian American student who was born and raised in south Florida. She attended Dreyfoos School of the arts in West Palm Beach and played viola during her high school years. She moved to Tallahassee to attend school earning a B.S. in Finance and a B.S. in Economics at FSU and graduated summa cum laude in the spring of 2018. During her time at FSU, she had the honor of receiving the Senator Jim King Scholarship, Gene Taylor Bank of America Center Scholarship, the James Royce Scholarship, and the Reva Daniels Metzinger Endowed Scholarship for economics majors.

As a graduate student, Stephanie has engaged her school community and is currently the President of the Master of Science in Finance Association. As an officer, Stephanie has helped establish technical skills-based workshops to heighten her program’s marketability. She is honored to be a Leslie N. Wilson Auzenne Fellow and is assisting her department with research efforts. Stephanie is currently interning at the State Board of Administration of Florida on the strategic investments team. On this team, she researches equity and debt strategies in global markets hoping to find value opportunities. Stephanie hopes to combine her finance/economics background and her experience to pursue an international career in finance analyzing market dislocations in both developed and emerging markets.

Outside of class, Stephanie enjoys hiking trails in Tallahassee with her dog—Rosco, traveling, and reading. She loves international food and experiencing new cultures, and hopes to live abroad in her career to explore the globe.