Zahra Hayati

Interaction of HIV-GP41 with the Viral Membrane Studied by EPR Spectroscopy | English

Zahra received her undergraduate degree in physics in Iran in 2012. Soon after, she applied for graduate study abroad and received admission from three different universities in the US. Zahra chose FSU because of its excellent academic background in physics, as well as having the opportunity to pursue her education as a Ph.D. student.

Zahra is currently a Ph.D. candidate within the physics department. She is conducting the experimental part of her research in the interdisciplinary field of biophysics at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Her work focuses on using the magnetic field interaction on biological samples to study their interaction. The main target of the research is a protein in the HIV1 virus cell membrane. She hopes that her findings about this specific protein can be used to develop a practical vaccine in the near future.