Vincent Salters


Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS)

Research Interests

  • Igneous petrology and trace element and isotope geochemistry in the broadest sense.
  • Most of Salters’ research is concentrated on quantifying processes that ultimately bear on the differentiation of the planet. As most of these processes are igneous the emphasis of my research is on igneous geochemistry including isotope geochemistry. Presently a large part of Salters research interest is focussed on melt generation beneath mid-ocean ridges both through trace element and isotope studies as well as through experimental partitioning studies. Also Salters has ongoing funded research to determine the mineralogy of the MORB source through major, trace element and isotope studies. Consequently Salters has active research interests in the RIDGE program and in the Ocean Drilling Program .
  • In addition Salters has active research interest in low temperature processes, especially in the area of speciation of environmentally significant substances and relationship between speciation and bioavailability. This work centers on instrumentation development and novel analytical techniques which allows a new “look” at the speciation of compounds with dissolved organic matter. Some of the research involves the use of FT-ICR-MS to characterize organic matter and we are planning to use a W-band EPR spectrometer to determine the metal binding sites.

Faculty Profile