Alan Elkins

GradWorld: Alan Elkins | English | Questionnaire | October 30, 2019

Alan Elkins, a native of Chattanooga, TN, is currently pursuing a PhD in Music Theory at Florida State University. His research interests include form in nineteenth-century Western art music, music cognition, and the interaction of technological limitations and compositional practice in early video game music. He has previously presented papers at the North American Conference on Video Game Music and the Southern Graduate Music Research Symposium, and his book chapter “Penultimate Fantasies: Compositional Precedents in Uematsu’s Early Works” will be published in a forthcoming volume on the music of Nobuo Uematsu.

Alan’s compositions and arrangements have been performed in the United States and abroad, including performances by the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra, oboists Elizabeth Tiscione and Kathy Greenbank, the Atlanta Chamber Players, the BGSU Steel Drum Ensemble, the CROSS ISLAND trio, and a series of performances in Japan by the Advent Now! chamber ensemble. As a violist, he has performed with orchestras and professional ensembles in the southeast United States, and, as a proponent of new music, has premiered a number of solo and chamber works.

When not focusing on musical endeavors, Alan enjoys spending time working on his German proficiency or devoting himself to the study of Japanese language and culture.