Austin Crawford

Austin D. Crawford GradWorld Video | English | Questionnaire | September 28, 2018

Austin D. Crawford, MSW, is a recent graduate of the clinical social work program at the Florida State University College of Social Work. He is a member of the Interprofessional Fellows Program. Austin’s interests include community development, criminal justice reform, crisis intervention, victim advocacy, and mental health advocacy. Austin has previously worked as a restorative justice counselor within the Leon County School System, where he worked to rehabilitate adolescents involved with the criminal justice system and mend the broken social bonds between young offenders and victims. In his undergraduate career at Florida State University, Austin worked as an Orientation Leader and as a founding member of the Student Advisory Committee for the kNOw MORE Campaign, where he was heavily involved with GreenDot Bystander Intervention training. As a graduate student, Austin worked with the FSU Victim Advocate’s Program and as a researcher within the Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness conducting research on toxic masculinity on FSU’s campus. Austin’s research goals focus on understanding how gender role socialization impacts problematic behaviors and help to perpetuate power-based personal violence. Austin is also assisting Dr. Stephen Tripodi in the College of Social Work with research about re-entry preparedness in soon-to-be-released individuals within prisons across the state.