Carla Paredes-Drouet

Fall 2018 FSU 3MT Finalist Competition- Carla Paredes | English | GEOSET Research Video | March 4, 2019

Carla is an education and development specialist with more than eight years of international experience. She is currently a full-time PhD candidate in Education Policy and Evaluation at the Florida State University (FSU), and she serves in the boards of directors at Whole Child Leon and The Schools of Arts and Sciences. Her research and work experiences focus on preschool education policies, quality of service provision, and inter-sector coordination. Prior to moving to Tallahassee, Carla was a consultant at the World Bank for five years and worked promoting investments in early childhood in Central and South America. She is a native Spanish speaker from Ecuador. She holds a Master’s of International Development from the American University in Washington, DC and a BS in Business Administration. What she enjoys most about being part of the SAS Board are the insights she gains into the visions and motivations of teachers, parents, and other board members for better schools.