Gokila Dorai

Gokila Dorai - FSU Doctoral Student (Computer Science) - Digital Narratives | English | Digital Narratives | March 4, 2019

Gokila Dorai - FSU Doctoral Student (Computer Science) | English | Questionnaire | June 12, 2019

Why FSU?
I chose FSU to pursue a graduate degree since it is one of the top research institutions with high values, excellent infrastructure and exceptional faculty. FSU is also champion in diversity and inclusion. Undoubtedly, FSU provides a warm and welcoming environment that is very supportive of students and faculty.

Motivation to pursue a graduate degree
As a woman in the field of computer science and as a gold medalist from the university in India where I pursued my undergrad, I felt how wonderful things could be if I pursue a graduate degree. I have seen many successful woman in computer science having careers in research labs, universities and industries. I wanted to be one of them and I always looked up to them.

Importance of your research and work
My research aims at producing highly efficient tools to Law Enforcement for Digital Forensics using AI and Machine Learning. The idea is to protect the privacy of user and reduce the amount of time that investigators spend on data extraction/analysis from digital devices.

Career aspirations
I aim to become a Tenure-Track Faculty at a reputed research institution and establish a digital forensic lab with a welcoming environment for highly motivated students who are interested in cybersecurity and forensics.

Advice for anyone considering graduate school
There are no barriers to success if you keep aiming for the sky with passion and perseverance! There may be some obstacles, but if you see those obstacles as power generators, you can move ahead confidently. In addition, it is very important to stay focused and keep yourself highly motivated.

Accomplishments during your graduate career
I was awarded the “Love of Learning Award” from Phi Kappa Phi and “Golden Key Research Grant” from Golden Key honor society. I was inducted into “Omicron Delta Kappa” for leadership and exemplary character. I was a finalist at the “3-minute thesis” competition at FSU. I have been a finalist at the “Graduate Student Visual Art Excellence” twice. I was nominated for the “Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award”. I have served as a PIE-Associate with scholarship. I have been an invited speaker at several venues related to cybersecurity and forensics.

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