Daniel Silva

Why FSU?

I investigated the FSU Physics program and saw that it was a large program with many different fields of physics to study. Also, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is associated with the FSU physics program. As an undergraduate, I was interested in condensed matter, and I did research in the quantum hall effect, Monte Carlo, and networks. FSU seemed like the perfect place to continue studying my interests!

Motivation to pursue a graduate degree

I really loved the physics classes I took as an undergraduate and wanted to learn as much as I could about physics. I also enjoyed the research I did as an undergraduate and wanted to continue it. It seemed that a graduate degree was the best way to do both things.

Importance of research and work

My research is on the Blume-Capel model, which is a general three-state model. It can apply to any situation where you have two different types of “spins” that interact, as well as empty sites that don’t interact. So, one can think of these “spins” as anything from two people in a company to two different types of atoms interacting in a gas.

Advice for anyone considering graduate school

I recommend researching the program you want to enter as well as the professors who work at the department. This information will help you see if professors are doing work you are interested in. I also recommend doing research as an undergraduate, which will give you an idea of what graduate school entails.

Accomplishments during graduate career

My accomplishments would be that I published two papers in science journals, and I am working on my thesis as well as third paper. Also, presenting posters at conferences and giving a Three Minute Thesis talk is something I am proud of.

Career aspirations

My career aspirations are to continue to do research in industry or a university lab. I would like to apply the skills I learned in graduate school. I am not too picky on any specific subject, because I have learned that there is something interesting to learn in almost any field. I would also like to teach.

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