Fiorella Carlos Chavez

Academic Success and Life Experiences as an International Graduate Student in the U.S. | English

Academic Success and Life Experiences as an International Graduate Student in the U.S. | Spanish

Fiorella is from Lima, Peru. She has been recently awarded with her Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Science at Florida State University and has successfully secured a national competitive post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Her desire to help others and share her knowledge encouraged her to work as an English teacher in Peru for four years and as Fair Trade business consultant in the Andes. Before coming to FSU, Fiorella pursued a Masters in Counseling with a focus in Marriage and Family Therapy at San Diego State University in California. At the heart of Fiorella’s research are the lives and well-being of Latinos and immigrant families living in the United States. She is particularly interested on the impact acculturative stress has on Latino college students’ psychological adjustment as well as the impact stress has on Latino Emancipated Migrant Youth’s psychological well-being. For her dissertation, Fiorella was awarded with a two-year initiatives grant for Kappa Omicron Nu, the Nation Honor Society for the Human Sciences (KON). Thanks to this grant, Fiorella was able to conduct cross-sectional research among Latino Emancipated Migrant Farmworker Youth in the U.S. for Year 1 and will start Year 2 of this grant during her post-doctoral fellowship at Missouri. Fiorella likes quantitative research but has grown to appreciate and take into account the value of qualitative and mix-methods research. She enjoys research and stats as well as learning things on my own. Fiorella loves participating in thought-provoking discussions, being part of controversial debates, and speaking up my mind. She has a passion for traveling, learning new cultures, and meeting new friends from different countries. Fiorella speaks four languages and is fluent in three; including French, English, and Spanish.