Dowon Choi

I Love Creativity: A YouTuber's Confession | English

I Love Creativity: A YouTuber's Confession | Korean

Dowon Choi was born in Seoul, South Korea where she was a singer-songwriter and released two albums. She has taught English, music, Japanese, and various enrichment courses, including her popular “History of Noodles,” to various groups of students in South Korea and the US. Dowon is a co-producer of KPoPsychology on Youtube, distributing knowledge to empower people’s creativity. She is internationally engaged in media including writing for the Korean Ministry of Education blog, TEDxUConn (Beyond Domesticating Differences: Autism Spectrum Disorder), and a magazine and podcast in Vietnam. She has also published academically including several journal articles, a book chapter, and a symposium and posters at the APA national conference. Dowon is the recipient of the FSU’s Legacy Fellowship as she pursues her Ph.D. in Combined Counseling and School Psychology. Currently, she is focusing her research around creativity models/assessment, phonological processing, and bicultural students.