Thanittha Kowan

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Thanittha is from Chiangmai, Thailand. She completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Chiangmai University. After that, she attended Chulalongkorn University for mater degree in mathematics. In 2014, she has received a Thai scholarship (DPST scholarship) from the Royal Thai government for her Ph.D. in Mathematics at Florida State University.

Because of beautiful geometry, she does research on Conformal Tilings with Dr. Bowers, her advisor. She finds that it is really fun and useful research and there are many things interestingly to study.

She has attended many fun activities in FSU such as Math Fun Day, Math teaching assistant, and the Golden Tribe Lecture Series like an Evening with Dr. Michio Kaku. In FSU, she met friends from many counties such as America, China, India, Turkey, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia. She learns that even if people have difference cultures and distinct opinions, people similarly and happily help each other. She and her friends share many things to each other like ideas to learn and study, several kinds of food, and many things never known before. Also, She plays a lot of things with her friends in Tallahassee such as playing soccer, attending America football, and going to FSU Rez which is a beautiful place for relaxing.