Maria Anastasiou

Maria Anastasiou (Physics)- Making memories around Nuclear Astrophysics reactions | English | GEOSET Research Video | January 24, 2020

Maria Anastasiou grew up in Athens, Greece. She attended the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the National Technical University of Athens where she earned a Bachelor degree in Physics in July 2012. During her undergraduate studies she participated in experiments conducted at the TANDEM Laboratory of the National Center of Scientific Research (NCSR) Demokritos. For her Bachelor thesis work, she moved for a year in Belgium where she performed experiments at the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements. The next big step for her was when she moved to the U.S. where she pursued a doctoral degree at the John D. Fox Laboratory at Florida State University on experimental nuclear astrophysics in the Department of Physics under the guidance of Prof. Ingo. After the successful defense of her dissertation in July 2019, she continues as a Postdoctoral Research Member at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, CA.

Maria received funding from The National Science Foundation (NSF). The experimental nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics research programs at FSU are funded by The National Science Foundation, The State of Florida and Florida State University

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