Masoud Mardani

GradWorld: Masoud Mardani (English Video) | English | Questionnaire | November 20, 2019

GradWorld: Masoud Mardani (Farsi Video) | Farsi | Questionnaire | November 20, 2019

Masoud Mardani is from Ghazvin a city from Iran. He became interested in science in middle school. In high school, he read basic physics and mathematics books for college students. He attended National Olympiad of physics and awarded bronze medal. He double majored in Physics and Mathematics in Sharif university of Technology, which is the most prestigious university in Iran for STEM. He joined Max Planck Institute to continue his research on theoretical condensed matter physics as a PhD student. There he realized the experimental condensed matter physics is his call, so he enrolled in the Physics PhD program of FSU to be able to join the Dr. Siegrist’s research group, an experimental group at National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.