Max Gunzburger

2015 Lawton Distinguished Professor - Max Gunzburger | English | Questionnaire | December 17, 2015

Max D. Gunzburger, Francis Eppes Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Florida State University, is an American mathematician and computational scientist affiliated with the Florida State interdisciplinary Department of Scientific Computing. He was the 2008 winner of the SIAM W.T. and Idalia Reid Prize in Mathematics. His seminal research contributions include flow control, finite element analysis, superconductivity and Voronoi tessellations. He has also made contributions in the areas of aerodynamics, materials, acoustics, climate change, groundwater, image processing and risk assessment.

An accomplished chemist who has helped steer the direction of chemical and biological research at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory has been named Florida State University’s 2019-2020 Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor.

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