Michael Shatruk

FSU Chemistry Department Faculty Interview - Dr. Michael Shatruk | English | October 7, 2014

Research Interest
Research in our group focuses on inorganic and organic materials chemistry. We rely on the synthesis and crystal structure determination methods, complemented by advanced optical, magnetic, and theoretical techniques, to discover new magnets, catalysts, and stimuli-responsive materials. Our main research directions are (1) molecular magnetism, photomagnetism, and spintronics; (2) magnetism of intermetallic compounds and 2-D materials; (3) heterogeneous catalysis by intermetallics and alloys. Students who join the Shatruk group get extensive training in inorganic and organic synthesis, solid-state chemistry, X-ray and neutron diffraction methods, magnetic measurements, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, electrochemistry and UV-Vis spectroscopy, and electronic structure calculations for molecules and solids at the DFT level of theory. We synthesize all our materials and then investigate them by using extensive research facilities in our department, as well as large-scale user facilities at Oak Ridge National Lab, Argonne National Lab, National High Magnetic Field Lab, and European neutron and synchrotron facilities.

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