Anna Yelick

Five Minute Research (5MR)- 2019 Postdoctoral Symposium- (Anna Yelick) | English | GEOSET Research Video | September 12, 2019

Dr. Anna Yelick graduated from Florida State University with her Ph.D. in 2018 in Social Work. Her primary focus is on decision-making among child welfare professionals, specifically how these professionals come to recommend out-of-home services for families investigated for child maltreatment. Dr. Yelick has worked on several projects that have supported this focus, included a published manuscript using a vignette study to examine whether family structure and race impact decision-making among case managers. Dr. Yelick also worked on a project with the Department of Children and Families in her capacity as a post-doctoral research scholar on use of a predictive analytic model in understanding risk for chronic child maltreatment among caregivers. She plans to continue examining decision-making in her second year as a post-doctoral scholar with the Florida Institute for Child Welfare by examining the Florida Practice Model and child welfare outcomes. This project is directly tied to her dissertation work and will yield information on the fidelity of the Practice Model as well as provide the Department of Children and Families information regarding the strengths and limitations of using the practice model. In addition to this work, Dr. Yelick is involved in other Institute-related activities including examining Kinship Care Services within Florida, assisting the Department of Children and Families in evaluating Kinship Navigator Programs across Florida in preparation for the Family First Prevention Services Act, and working alongside Dr. Pryce, on a book chapter discussing the current climate in the child welfare system related to the disparate outcomes of Black children and their families.