Bradley Kile

Faculty Member Bradley Kile's Profile Video - FSU Political Science | English | May 19, 2022

Dr. Kile serves as the Director of the Master’s of Applied American Politics & Policy (MAAPP) program and is also the Director of Outreach for the Institute of Politics (IOP) at FSU. He joined the FSU community in 2001 as a LeRoy Collins Fellow while pursuing his Ph.D. in political science, with a focus on health policy. Kile has been an instructor at FSU for two decades and has trained many alumni who now work in and around state and federal governments. His research centers on state and federal policy in the areas of the development and delivery of government-funded health care. Prior to earning his PhD in at FSU in 2005, he received a Bachelor’s degree from James Madison University in Virginia and a Master’s degree from American University in Washington, DC.

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