Geoffrey Strouse

FSU Chemistry Department Faculty Interview - Dr. Geoffrey Strouse | English | October 7, 2014

Research Interest
The Strouse group runs a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary team of scientists (inorganic, materials, analytical, physical, physics, and engineering students). The group studies the structural techniques correlated in materials at the nanoscale using optical spectroscopy (time-resolved optical (ns, ps, fs), vibrational spectroscopy (Raman, IR), structural (XRD, XAS), NMR, magnetism, and electron microscopy). The ability to selectively synthesize, interrogate, and manipulate materials at the nanoscale allows us to ask questions that address a wide range of physical questions. The research effort takes today’s discoveries to tomorrows devices by targeting the science and application of nanocrystals in four primary research areas: sustainability, energy, optical rulers and catalysis. These include down-shifting phosphors for solid state lighting, catalytic nanometals/carbides for heterogeneous catalysis, plasmonics for photochromic windows, and magnetic systems.

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