Kenneth Hanson

FSU Chemistry Department Faculty Interview - Dr. Kenneth Hanson | English

Research Interest
The Hanson research group studies light-matter interactions with an emphasis on the design, synthesis, and characterization of light absorbing and emitting molecules. We use electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques to understand the molecules’ structure-property relationships and how those relationships dictate their performance and application. In particular we are interested in 1) understanding and controlling energy and electron transfer a organic-inorganic interfaces for solar energy conversion, 2) generating dye-sensitized photodetectors, 3) utilizing excited state proton transfer catalysis to facilitate organic transformations, and 4) harnessing triplet excited states to increase work output in photo-mechanical polymers. Given the multifaceted nature of this work, student in our research group are trained in synthesis, photochemical reactions, steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopy, electrochemical techniques, and device characterization.

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