Mojgan Aghakhanloo

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Mojgan is a Ph.D. student in the Physics department at FSU. Born and raised in Tehran, the capital of Iran. She has always been passionate about astronomy. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Physics Engineering Plasma from Science and Research University in Iran, she started her graduate education at FSU in 2014. Her research is in the area of astrophysics. She is constraining the late-stage evolution of massive stars. In particular, she is unraveling the evolutionary history of mysterious massive stars called Luminous Blue Variables (LBVs), which for unknown reasons expel much of their mass in small, modest, and giant eruptions. She received the John E. and Melissa D. Gray Novotny Graduate Award on April 2017 from the Physics department at FSU. Apart from doing research, she is passionate about playing the piano and likes to go swimming.