Seyedahmad Rahimi

3MT Prelims 2019 Seyedahmad Rahimi | English | GEOSET Research Video | November 6, 2019

Seyedahmad Rahimi (Ahmad) is from Iran. He is a Doctoral Candidate at Florida State University in the Instructional Systems & Learning Technologies program. He got his second MS degree in Measurement & Statistics at Florida State University. Currently, he works with Dr. Shute on several of her research projects. He became the primary developer of Physics Playground since December 2017. He moved to the U.S. in Spring 2014 with my wife–Maedeh. He holds a BS degree in Computer Software Engineering from Islamic Azad University in Iran as well as a Master’s degree in e-learning technologies from Multimedia University in Malaysia. His Master’s thesis was about the perception of college-level students on immersive learning environments like Second Life. His general research interests include assessing and fostering 21st-century competencies (e.g., creativity) in learning games and virtual reality environments equip with game-based Stealth Assessment and adaptivity. His goal is to become a university professor and a researcher working on measuring and enhancing 21st-century skills. You can read/know more about him here: